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India Bet is a free, fun site where only virtual currencies are used. You can't deposit or withdraw money from India Bet. We cater to a worldwide audience and users of the site should check whether they are infringing any local laws by reading articles related to gambling.


So, we are just as much in the dark about the results as you are.

We also want you all to win. We love the fact that so many people come to the site and if we can reward them by giving out prizes then all the better! Part of the fun is not knowing who will win and if you win on one day then you have the same chance of winning again the next day. In our beta it happened that some people won prizes two and sometimes even three days in a row. It’s very unlikely but then again, unlikely events do happen.

You can check out

In situations like that often no one really knows how the bets should be settled. We therefore have a comprehensive list of rules. If it is strange that we haven't covered it then we'll try to do the fairest thing we can think of in the scenario. 

Please see our betting rules page for general betting rules.

Can I request an event or market which you do not offer?

Please let us know right away if we do not cover the event or market (or even sport!) that you are interested in betting on.  We always listen to our users and expanding our sports betting product something we are always eager to do.

Can I request you develop a specific game?

Again, we want to let you play the games that you want to play, so if there is a betting game that you enjoy playing that isn't on the site then do let us know and we'll work hard to make sure it is available on the site. Give us as much information you can and we will see what we can do. We can develop instant games (blackjack, passa etc), lottery games (matka etc) and virtual games (cricket etc).

Are all the people listed on the site real?

Yes, very much so!  Our leaderboards and past prize draws show real people! You can also pop into our chat room to discus India Bet with other players.  We are always interested in new ways of how to show this “real people” data so please do contact us if you have any ideas.

Our our winners page features 1000s of India Bet winners, these have actually won prize draws and received their prizes!

I am only interested in real betting, why should I sign up?

We don't only offer betting for free, we also offer a number of betting previews which discuss in detail the real betting odds on a number of sports from cricket to football. These previews will hopefully make sure that you have the best bets possible and also let you know which bookmakers offer the best odds.

Our authors are all sports betting experts and reading their advice in our betting previews can give you the edge you need when taking on the bookmakers. We have good relationships with all the major bookmakers and will often be sending out exclusive deals to our users via our newsletters.

I don't understand betting at all. Can India Bet help?

Of course we can.  We have a few articles on understanding betting in general and are working on a selection of tutorial videos about our own betting product.

At a very low level sports betting is deciding which team (or person) will win an event. Odds differ for different teams, so if a team is likely to win then their odds will be low (so you will earn less profit on your bet) but if a team is unlikely to win then their odds will be high (and you will earn a bigger profit from your bet). The best betters therefore work out which teams have their odds too high and then bet on them to win rather than just working out which team will win. We use decimal odds on India Bet because they are the most easy to understand.

The closer something is to 1.00 the more likely it is to happen, or so the bookmaker thinks!  The decimal odds are simply multiplied by your stake to get how much you would win in total for a bet

A few examples:

  • Bet 100 IBR @ 1.00 – Receive back: 100 IBR
    These odds are really, really low so it means its certain to happen. 100 IBR x 1.00 = 100 IBR.

  • Bet 100 IBR @ 2.75 – Receive back: 275 IBR
    Very much as easy as multiplying the stake by the odds! 100 IBR x 2.75 = 275 IBR.


How can I get onto the leaderboards and how can I compare with my friends?

We have a regularly updated set of prize leaderboards which offer some amazing prizes for simply betting on your favourite sports! Check out our list of prize leaderboards to see what is currently active and what is coming soon.

There are also a selection of weekly and daily leaderboards so you can see how well you are doing compared the rest of the site including your ROI, amount bet and even stars earnt!

Can you tell me how to redeem my bet365 voucher?

If you do not have a bonus already active on your account

  1. bet365 Customer Services credit the account with the bonus.
  2. bet365 Customer Services activate the bonus on the account, so that it is ready to use straight away.
  3. Bonus must be used within 90 days of being activated.

If you have a bonus already active on your account

  1. bet365 Customer Services credit the account with the bonus.
  2. Customer plays through existing bonus.
  3. Customer activates new bonus (see below), and it can then be used.
  4. Bonus must be used by within 90 days of being activated.

Activating a Bonus

  1. Log into your bet365 account.
  2. Select ‘Members' from the ‘Services' menu (top right corner of the screen).
  3. The Members Section will open in a new window.
  4. Choose the ‘Offers' tab.
  5. Choose Offers Available to see the bonus that is available.
  6. To activate the bonus simply click on Obtain Offer Code, and this will generate an email to the address that you registered with your account.
  7. Retrieve the offer code from the email sent and enter it in the ‘Enter Offer Code' tab, then press submit.
  8. This will activate the bonus and it will be shown in your bonus funds.

For any queries regarding this please don't hesitate to contact the Customer Services Department on the Livechat function at bet365, and they will be happy to help.

You got to the end! Here is another IB Code worth 100 IBR!

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