Online Betting

This is a brief summary of the online betting rules on India online betting. For a full list of all our rules please read our website's online betting terms and conditions.

online betting Bet Limits

The minimum bet you can have is 1 IBR and the maximum bet is 100 IBR.

Online betting on Lines

In each market there are a number of different lines you could chose to bet on. For example in a football match there are usually three lines Home Win, Away Win and Draw.

In any online betting you cannot bet on every line. But you can bet in all but one. So if there are ten lines in a market then you can bet on 9 lines in that market, however if there are online betting just two lines in a market then you can bet on just one line.

The exception tonline betting o this is if the market is being traded in play. If a match is in play then you can bet on all the lines in each market.

Suspended online betting and Disabled Markets

At times it is necessary for us to online betting suspend or disable markets or lines. If a market or line is suspended then you will be able to see it on the site but you will not to be able to bet on it. If a market or line is online betting disabled it will have been removed from the site entirely.

If you have had a bet on a online betting suspended or disabled line then your bet will still stand and those lines will still be settled.

However once a market or line has been suspended or disabled then it is no longer possible to place bets on those markets or online betting lines until they have either been unsuspended or re-enabled.

online betting Head to Head

Head to head markets are special betting markets offered on online betting select events.  Basically it is a bet with 3 different choices, you have to choose which out of each "head to head" will win.


  • Settlement will happen when the rest of the event markets are settled.
  • 50 Over online betting Cricket Matches
    Top All Rounder - 1 run = 1 point, 1 wicket = 10 point, 1 catch = 5 point, 1 run out = 5 point and if one of them does not play then automatically the other wins.
    Top Bowler - First priority will be given to the online betting bowler who has taken maximum wickets and if that is a tie then the one who has conceded less runs and if again here is a tie then economy rate.
    Top Batsman - Most runs and if online betting runs tie then the best online betting strike rate.
  • T20 Cricket Matches
    Top All Rounder - Same as above but 1 wicket = 15 point
    Top Bowler, Top Batsman - Same as above

Payout Odds:

  • 3 correct: 3.5
  • 2 Correct: 1.25
  • 1 Correct: 0.0
  • 0 Correct: 0.0

India online betting decision is final concerning the settling of head to heads and can be voided if a number of the initial choices are unavailable during the match.

If there online betting is one draw with between two of the head to online betting head selections, both markets will pay out. If there are 2 or more draws the head to head will be void and your stake will be returned.

Head to head online betting markets are not eligible to score points in any of our leaderboards or leagues.

online betting Settling

We try to settle our markets as quickly online betting as possible but it can sometimes take us a little while to do this after an event. All events will be settled and so we do request that you are patient, however if you feel that it has been more than 12 hours after an event has finished and the online betting event still has not been settled online betting then please email us to let us know and we will settle it as quickly as possible.

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